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Great Ideas for decorating with lights

Party Lighting Ideas for Decks

The right lighting can turn an ordinary deck into a wonderland perfect for every party or event. Party lighting ideas can include candles, led lighting, solar lighting, and even fire pits. The right lighting sets the mood for your deck area but also provides valuable lighting to make it safer to use the space.

Let your imagination run wild when coming up with ideas for the party lighting for your deck. The more ideas you have the easier it will be to choose the best ones for your event.

Great Party Lighting Ideas for Decks

LED lights. These small lights can be places in everything from balloons to mason jars. You can even get LED light stickers. The diversity of these lights will allow your imagination to run wild.

Repurpose Christmas lights. Fill a bowl or jar with a string of lights. Make a powerful lighting display by placing dozens of these bowls or jars around your party area. Alternate the design to include colored lights and all white lights to add to your party atmosphere.

Create light columns. You can also use your string of lights to wrap around a stick or pole. Cover the stick or pole with paper lanterns or create your own covers with textured paper. When you have covered the pole, then plug in the string of lights and you will have your own light column.

Glow sticks. These fun lighting options can be worn by guests. They can be used to create rings for games. You can also line walkways or stairs with glow sticks. Many companies sell them in bulk. Glow sticks could be a great theme for your next party.

Torches. Another great lighting source, that requires no electricity, is a torch. You can find torches in different colors and also torches that are designed to ward off pesky insects. A line of torches around your event area can be a strong party lighting idea and help to make the even more enjoyable by cutting back on the insect population.

Inside lights. Bring the inside outside by placing household lamps around the seating area of your party. You will make your outdoor space feel more like a living space and the extra lighting will help make it easier for your guests to get around. Be sure to keep the inside lights out of the elements.

Floating candles. Fill a punch bowl with water and place some floating candles in the water. Floating candles can be purchased, or for those that are into the DIY projects, the floating candles can be made to fit your party motif.

Let your creative spirit run free when thinking of ways to light up the outdoors. Make a list of all the ideas you can think of and then choose the ones that fit your theme. There are a wide range of lighting sources and power options that can help you come up with the perfect party lighting ideas for your deck.

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